Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 4/27/16

Today in chapel Eiki, one of the Mosaic Church interns, talked to us about a time when she was young and she disobeyed her parents.  Eiki was looking forward to playing with her best friend, Kate, but her parents had asked her to clean her room before Kate came over.  Eiki did not enjoy cleaning her room, so she didn’t do it!  As a result, her parents could not allow her to play with Kate that day.

Noah, a character in the Bible, was a good man who obeyed and loved God.  When God saw that the entire world, except Noah, was disobedient and evil, He decided to flood the world and destroy it.  But God saved Noah and his family by allowing them to go inside a big boat called an ark.  God was both fair (or just) and loving.  God punished the people who were evil and He saved Noah.  After the flood was over and Noah came out of the ark, God placed a rainbow in the sky to remind everyone of His promise to never again destroy the earth with a flood.

 John 3:16 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

16 Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life. 

God is still fair, just, and loving.  The good news is that God sent His son Jesus to the world to take the punishment for our disobedience.  On our own, we could never be good enough to go to heaven because all of us have done things that displease God.  God loves us so much that He allowed Jesus to die on the cross for us.  We deserve punishment for our sins, but Jesus took our place! 

Discussion Questions:

1.    What does it mean to you that God is fair/just?  What does it mean when someone is fair/just?
2.    What does it mean to you that God is good? What does it mean when someone is good?
3.    Why is it important that God is both just and good?  Why is it important for us to be both just and good?

I’m thankful that God is both just and good and that He sent Jesus to pay for my sin!


Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation~I Cor. 3:10

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 4/20/16

During chapel today, Pastor Tony talked about God’s purpose for our lives.  He asked the students what their dreams are and what they want to be when they grow up.

He reminded us about Joseph, an Old Testament character who had dreams of becoming a special person.  Although he went through a lot of difficulties in his life, including being hated by his brothers, the Lord was with Joseph.  He eventually became a ruler in Egypt and saved many people from starving during a severe famine!  Joseph had to endure being sold by his brothers as a slave and false imprisonment by his boss. He told his brothers that, “you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20”

Pastor Tony said that God designed each of us to be a unique, special person and that we shouldn’t worry about being different from other people around us.  We should read our instruction book, the Bible, and get God’s help to figure out what God has in mind for us to do and to be.

Read the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50.

Discussion Questions:

1.     What would you like to be when you grow up?
2.     How was Joseph special (he dressed in a multi-colored coat, he was his father’s favorite son, and he had dreams about becoming a person to whom people would bow.
3.     Who do you think is the person that God wants you to become?


Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation ~ I Cor. 3:10

Monday, April 18, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 4/13/16

This week’s chapel theme was “God has a Purpose for Families."  Anni, one of the Mosaic Church interns, led our thoughts and brought a baby doll, who we pretended was real.  She asked the students what the baby would do when it was hungry, tired, or needed a bath?  She reminded us that babies do not ask for food or find their own.  Since they cannot walk they cannot get into bed when they’re sleepy.  They are totally dependent upon their families to take care of them.  Thankfully, God created families to take care of babies, because we were all once babies!  Our families are small groups of Jesus-followers who love each other, therefore we need to take care of each other.

Anni read I Timothy 5:4, which addresses needy people (widows) who had no one to care for them:

1 Timothy 5:4Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

But if a widow has children or grandchildren, the first thing they need to learn is this: to show their devotion to God by taking care of their own family. They will be repaying their parents, and this pleases God.

The students considered ways that they could help out their family members who take care of them.

Discussion Questions:

1.    How does the Bible say that children and grandchildren can show their devotion to God?
2.    Name some things your parents do for you.
3.    What are some ways you could help your family members out this week?

Blessings to you and your entire family,

Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation ~ I Cor 3:10

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 4/6/16

Yesterday in chapel we began thinking about the theme of “Purpose.”  Pastor Tony talked about role models and asked the students who some of their favorite role models are.  Parents, teachers, and famous people were some of the people mentioned that the students look up to and want to imitate. 

Pastor Tony taught us that God wants us to be like His son, Jesus, and that Jesus was the best role model that ever lived!  While Jesus was living on the earth, He showed kindness and love for everyone He met.  He showed us what it means to sacrifice (giving up something you could use yourself).  Jesus was and is patient and respectful of us.  He wants us to follow Him, but He never forces us.  He allows us to make our own decisions to do that. 

Here’s our new memory verse for the month:

Ephesians 1:10 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
God’s goal was to finish his plan when the right time came. He planned that all things in heaven and on earth be joined together with Christ as the head.

Discussion Questions:
1.   What important part of our bodies is inside your head, and what does it do? (Our brains tell our body parts what to do)
2.   Who does our memory verse say is our head?  (Jesus Christ)
3.   What are some things you could do to imitate Jesus today?

Many Blessings,

Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation ~ I Cor. 3:10