Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 2/3/16

Today in chapel we began learning about Moral Order (God's rules that maintain order in the world).  Pastor Tony brought some of his favorite family board games and talked about needing the instructions in order to be able to play the games.  He pointed out that it's no fun when eveyone makes up their own rules to the games!

Since God created the universe, He is the one who established the rules that keep the world running smoothly.  God the Father; Jesus, the Son; and the Holy Spirit were all present when the world, including people, was created, so they know what's best for us.  They even saw to it that people had access to an instruction manual:  the Bible!

God gave us some very basic rules for life in Exodus 20.  These are called the 10 Commandments:

1. Put God first
2. Worship God only
3. Use God's name with respect
4. Remember God's day
5. Respect your parents
6. Dont hurt other people
7. Be faithful in marriage
8. Don't steal
9. Don't lie
10. Don't be envious of others

Discussion Questions:
1. When playing a game, why are rules important?
2. Name some rules that your family follows at your house.
3. Who is the author of the rules for life and where can we find those rules?

Thank you, Tony, for an engaging lesson.  May we all read God's instruction manual so we will know how to do life!

Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation ~ I Cor. 3:10

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