Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chapel Discussion Questions - 5/4/16

Yesterday in chapel we were all excited to finally see a picture of baby Cora!  We've been waiting for her birth all school year and God was good to bring her into the world just in time for us to talk about her birthday and the fact that God is eternal.  Everyone on planet earth has a birthdate--a day when his or her life began, but God does not!  

Because God is eternal and has no beginning and no end, He has no birthday.  He's the only one we know without one.

Psalm 90:2-6  Easy-to-Read Version

You were God before the mountains were born,

    before the earth and the world were made.
    You have always been and will always be God!
You bring people into this world,

and you change them into dust again.
To you, a thousand years is like yesterday,
like a few hours in the night.

Our life is like a dream that ends when morning comes.

We are like grass

that grows and looks so fresh in the morning,

but in the evening it is dry and dying.

Discussion Questions:

1. When did your life on earth begin?

2. What does it mean that God is eternal?

3. How can you thank God for giving His children the free gift of eternal life?

Happy Birthday, baby Cora!  We look forward to watching you grow up to love God and receive His free gift of eternal life!

Jan Rogers, Director

Building an Eternal Foundation ~ I Cor. 3:10

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